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This is a multifandom blog which could contain anything, including spoilers which are not always tagged. I also sometimes post pictures of my own cosplays.

What do you need to know about me? I love coffee, films, books and music A LOT, play a couple of instruments in my free time and worry too much about tomorrow. I speak English, German, Swedish and Finnish quite fluently.

The askbox is open so feel free to message me anytime! And give yourself a hug because you're brilliant.

I’m now finally home from Desucon Frostbite.

The con was great - okay, I just wandered around the place with friends and did pretty much nothing - but still, I met many people and got so many hugs that I feel kind of empty now without them… Everything went smoothly, the hotel was nice, Noora and I got enough food and our cosplays got even recognised (which was a pleasant surprise).

If you have pictures of Sirius & Remus, please let me know - we were clever enough to forget our cameras.

But yes, to my friends whom I met:


Just let me love you. Really. Thank you for bearing with me and making me feel like a proper person ♥

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