i love how simon was supposed to be this total badass in a frayed leather jacket

and then somehow that leather jacket turned into an oversized parka and a lovely grandpa sweater


"The insurgents, breathless with anxiety, followed him with their eyes. The barricade was trembling; he was singing … He did not finish. A second bullet from the same marksman cut him short. This time he fell facedown on the pavement and did not stir again. That great little soul had taken flight." — Les Miserables

Combeferre | Courfeyrac | Photography


I wore Feuilly again and I lent perfect hat from rrreira!! (thank you, dear~) ;w; Plus reference to canon, fan maker Feuilly ;D

Modern!Feuilly - me

Photos by RiKyo

Les Misérables written by Victor Hugo


King of the Road by Dustin Abbott


"We’re gonna die in a fucking gulag, but man, it’ll be worth it."