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This is a multifandom blog which could contain anything, including spoilers which are not always tagged. I also sometimes post pictures of my own cosplays.

What do you need to know about me? I love coffee, films, books and music A LOT, play a couple of instruments in my free time and worry too much about tomorrow. I speak English, German, Swedish and Finnish quite fluently.

The askbox is open so feel free to message me anytime! And give yourself a hug because you're brilliant.

louis garrel by patrick swirc


You know, if you watch the lion king closely, you can find a lot of simbalism.

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I’m happy to sacrifice a big pay check for my happiness, if that’s not too corny a thing to say. It’s probably more naive than mature to say that, maybe, but that’s how I feel. Jack Gleeson

Are you currently dating and if not, do you have crush(es)?

Nope, I’m not :”D I’m kind of developing a crush, maybe, I’m not entirely sure because it’s been veeeeeeeery long since I had a crush last time.

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not without you.

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